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Leafdrums Music creation community


Leaf Drums
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This is a community for Leafdrum 2.2 sampler/sequencer/drum machine PC program users only.

This is a place where users can and should share ideas/knowledge/advice and constructive criticism with other LD2.2 users. We encourage ALL genres of music, as long as it is written with LD2.2. The sharing of and remixing of LD2.2 files, patterns, written songs and various wav. samples, amongst the simplicity of LD2.2 is the main focus of this community. Our goal is to open another door into the world of computer music creation. Because of its Human & PC user friendly character and extremly low price tag, LD2.2 is a great utility for makers of the music. We hope to Take LD2.2 and its users as far into the future of music creation as ever imagined.

Free Trial Download: http://www.leafdigital.com/software/leafdrums/